12 tips for surviving...

12 tips for surviving...

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12 tips for surviving Christmas

Our resident nutrition expert Alix Murphy offers her hot tips for surviving the silly season with your health intact…

We know the festive season can bring a lot of extra social activities, and with that there can be more alcohol, more food, and less exercise.

Healthy eating can be really hard work, especially at this time. Avoiding these occasions doesn’t need to be the answer to staying healthy. If you want to indulge on those rich, delicious foods we all love, then go for it.

Let life get in the way!

Alix’s 12 simple tips for the 12 days of Christmas

1. Moderation

Moderation is the key! Being healthy doesn’t necessarily mean you need to choose the healthiest option every single time (just the majority!) If you do choose to have a second, or third, plate of dessert on a couple of occasions, then really enjoy it and move on. This is okay on occasions; it’s when it becomes a regular occurrence or habit that it’s a problem.

2. Go fresh

When eating at home, choose the best you can. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and unprocessed foods.

3. Incidentally

Incorporate some incidental exercise into each day.

4. Hydration

Water! Water!! Water!!!

5. Eat like a bird

Pack some fresh fruit or nuts/seeds for a healthy on-the-go snack

6. Lose the guilt

If you have set yourself a specific approach to eating and feel like you’ve fallen off the bandwagon, don’t feel bad about it. Embrace the fact that you set yourself a goal and were making a conscious decision to be healthy. Just move on and start again, because sometimes the distress from feeling like you’ve failed at something can have more negative impacts on the body than the food itself.

7. Have one healthy meal a day

Have at least one healthy meal each day. Balance lots of fresh vegetables with some protein and healthy fats (think fresh salmon with salad and goat’s cheese or avocado).

8. Make it fit

Try to choose an approach to healthy eating that is practical and easy to fit into your life, not the other way around.

9. Do the catering

Make a meal to bring to your festive party. Not only are you doing something to help someone else out, but you can dictate the ingredients.

10. Knit one purl one

Drink alcohol in moderation. Balance your intake by having a glass of water between each one.

11. Sleep is the answer

Amongst the chaos and excitement, don’t forget to prioritise sleep. This is very important for your overall health

12. Kindess is powerxmas holly

Above all, be kind to yourself – you’re doing a great job. This can be a very busy and stressful time of the year for many people.

We hope you get something from these tips and enjoy the festive season to the max.

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