Staff Excellence Awards

Staff Excellence Awards

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Staff Excellence Awards

Clients and support workers of The Tipping FoundationNominations for this year’s Staff Excellence Awards are now closed. Thank you if you nominated someone or a team this year.

All nominations will now be assessed by a panel consisting of the CEO, General Manager Human Resources, a representative from Services and a client. Awards will be announced and presented at a separate Awards Presentation event at 2pm on November 30 at our Carnegie office (Training Room).

The award categories and criteria are as follows:

Bill Tipping Distinguished Staff Member of the Year Award

For excellence in ensuring that our value of Respect (believing in human potential, acting with integrity, listening actively, learning and development through experience) is demonstrated in every aspect of their work (individual).
Criteria1. Demonstrate the value of respect in all interactions with clients, their families or others in the workplace.
2. Is recognised as a role model by others based on the way they go about their work and demonstrates a strong human rights approach in all that they do

Innovation in Practice Award

For excellence in developing new ways of working that has led to improved outcomes for a client or in the workplace (team or individual).
1. Demonstrates working in partnership with others to develop new ways of working to achieve better outcomes for clients or in the workplace
2. Empowers people to develop creative or new options to meet their needs

The Tipping Foundation AGM 2016Outstanding Team Award

For excellence in working together to achieve an outstanding result for a client or in the workplace (team).
Criteria1. Actively encourages and shows leadership in getting people to work together to deliver outcomes or results
2. Ensures communication is open, respectful and transparent so people work together in a positive and productive way

Excellence in Safety Leadership Award

For excellence in safety leadership in making the workplace safer for all (team or individual)
1. Actively takes a leadership role in ensuring the safety of our clients and workers
2. Works with others to develop safer work practices and shares this knowledge willingly

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