Donate for free

Donate for free

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Donate for free

Ways you can use your spending power to help people with disability

There are a couple of ways you can give to The Tipping Foundation just by choosing how you spend your money.

#1 – Switch to a better energy deal with Energy Pledge

How would you like to help The Tipping Foundation for free and reduce your energy bills at the same time?

Energy Pledge is a 100% free service that helps you get a better deal on your energy supply (and move to a non-carbon energy supplier).

Reasons To Energy Pledge:

  1. Get a better deal on your electricity and/or gas power
  2. Move to a non-carbon energy supplier if you choose
  3. Get a better feed in tariff (if you have solar panels)
  4. Donate for free! The Tipping Foundation receives a $40 donation for each person who switches their energy through Energy Pledge and nominates us.

Every switch makes a difference!

Just grab a recent energy bill and call 1300 882 505 or click here.

Energy Pledge will check your power supply details and get the best deal for you.