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Supporting people with early onset dementia

​The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has revolutionised disability supports in Australia since it began rolling out in 2016.

Over 160,000 Australians with disability are now benefiting from the scheme, not least those living with younger onset dementia.

Before joining the NDIS, Jenny received support in a group setting but as her needs changed it was deemed no longer suitable to attend this program. Fortunately for Jen and her family, the NDIS rolled out in Ballarat early last year and associated funding was obtained so Jen could access one-on-one support at home for the first time. In home support can make such a difference for people with early onset dementia, like Jenny, because familiarity is so important. Being in her own home, surrounded by her own things with family members who love her is fundamental to her overall well-being. This is a real example of how the NDIS has given choice and control to a family when they most needed it. The NDIS has helped keep this family together.

John Harbour ButcherWe now support Jenny in her home three days per week.

Jenny’s husband, John, owns John Harbour Quality Butcher in Ballarat. The increased support that Jenny receives has enabled John to continue working at his butcher shop.

“Before the NDIS it was a tight squeeze supporting Jen with her personal care and morning routine to be ready for day placement so I could work. Now support workers support Jen with her personal care and morning routine, taking pressure off me.

“Caring can be demanding, with a real risk of burn out. Support for Jen is also support for my welfare. I am able to go to work and better interact with customers and staff,” John said.

Prior to her diagnosis Jenny was very active in the local community and at the family’s butcher shop. The one-on-one support Jenny receives through Tipping has enabled her to remain connected to her local community and provides her with ongoing social engagement.

“Different support workers bring variety to Jen’s support. For example, on Fridays Elli supports Jen to pick flowers from our garden, arrange them and place them around the house. All the girls are good support workers who adapt their support to suit Jen.

“I know that Jen is in good hands. I have full confidence in each of the support workers and know that Jen is safe. The Tipping Foundation support also ensures my care for Jen retains its quality as I have a better balance in life,” John said.

We have been able to support Jenny and many others also living with younger onset dementia in Ballarat and the surrounding areas thanks to the arrival of the NDIS.

“We developed the know how in this area as a result of our work, running a respite for older carers program throughout the past 7 years. We saw a need that existed in the community and understood exactly how to apply our relative expertise to be able to support this group of customers. We know that we are having a positive impact and it is really satisfying to know that we are making a difference. Prior to the NDIS many of these customers were destined for a difficult life in an aged care facility. This is far better for everybody and something that I would want for myself/family members,” said Joel Turnbull, Service Access Manager, Victoria.

People with disability and their families now have better access to disability supports that meet their needs.

The latest NDIS figures show that 45,000 Australians with disability are getting support for the first time under the NDIS.

To learn more about the NDIS and the supports that Tipping offers click here.

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