EBA voting outcome

EBA voting outcome

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EBA voting outcome

This week may have seemed like any other week to many people at Tipping but in fact it has been a big week.

As staff from Payroll and Human Resources toured Victoria to outline the changes the updated Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) will bring, our staff voted unanimously in favour of the new EBA.

The Tipping Foundation is the largest one of the three disability services organisations that have negotiated an updated Enterprise Bargaining Agreement. Many are claiming it is too difficult given the rapidly changing sector with the National Disability Insurance Scheme and the Road Map to Reform. We can see their point, to some extent, but we have negotiated updated conditions for our staff regardless because we want to walk our talk and demonstrate that we genuinely believe in our organisational values of respect and a fair go. Also we want to better value our current staff and attract new staff to work with us on the NDIS and other changes roll out.

Staff told us at many of the CEO Roadshow sessions that we needed to provide fairer working conditions and while negotiations may have taken longer than we would have hoped we are very pleased to present conditions which are much fairer for everyone and better than is usually available in the disability and human services sector. We delivered on weekend penalty rates prior to finalising the EBA and now there are a range of new benefits for everyone.

It is a great outcome that staff have now voted unanimously in support of the EBA. Thanks to those who participated in the vote.

The next steps are for us to request Fair Work Australia to review and approve the new agreement and then we can pass on the benefits to our staff accordingly.

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