Kevin's Respite Story

Kevin's Respite Story

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Kevin’s Respite Story

Our short-term accommodation house Mecklenburg in Epping, Victoria works with young people with autism aged between 12 and 24.

Kevin is one of our customers.

Kevin took a little while to settle in at Mecklenburg. In fact, it took him 6 months to walk through the front door. tt was a slow process but from there he blossomed. The slow transition allowed Kevin to get used to the new people and new place. It also helped his Dad understand the approach that we would take in working with Kevin so that he was comfortable.

Prior to starting this process Kevin’s mother sadly passed away and both men were grieving. It’s probably fair to say they both needed their own time and space to do this but this proved a bit challenging when leaving the house wasn’t really an option.

Over time, Kevin became more and more comfortable with his short visits out the front of the Mecklenburg house. He then progressed to the inside, and the visits were gradually extended each time. It got to the point where Kevin and his Dad were comfortable with an extended visit, so he stayed for a whole weekend and loved it! Kevin had a great time, knew exactly what to expect and his Dad was able to take a break and get a few jobs done that he’d been wanting to get to.

Kevin’s Dad felt a great sense of relief at finding somewhere that could support and understand Kevin’s needs, which allowed him to feel comfortable enough to go back to China to visit and connect with his family for nearly two weeks. Kevin stayed at Mecklenburg and had a great time!

So successful were the experiences of both Kevin and his Dad, that more stays and travels are in the pipeline!

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