Kim rocks all night long!

Kim rocks all night long!

Let us call you!


Kim rocks all night long!

Earlier this month Kim enjoyed attending his first ABBA disco with his support worker Jasmine. The pair had a fantastic afternoon, with Kim catching up with friends and even enjoying some dancing, which is out of character for Kim.

“We were the first to arrive and some of the last to leave,” Jasmine said.

The pair even dressed up for the occasion, with Kim going as Angus Young from AC/DC.

“I was the only support worker that actually dressed up. Kim seemed to see the funny side to that so it was worth it”, Jasmine laughs.

Kim rocks all night long

[Image description] Kim, dressed up as Angus Young from AC/DC, standing alongside his friends, Shaun and Damien, who are also dressed up for the disco.

Kim has been a Tipping Foundation customer for almost three months now. Through careful planning with Kim, his family and Tipping’s behavioural support team, a plan to support Kim has been established.

From all accounts, the supports Kim receives through Tipping have had a positive impact. When we asked Kim if we could write about his experience with Tipping he wanted to share that he really likes his support workers and the activities they assist him to do.

“Kim has expressed that he enjoys the support of his Tipping workers. This has shown through his increased level of engagement at home and his willingness to engage in his local community,” Ben, his Client Engagement Coordinator, said.

Kim really enjoyed attending the ABBA disco and is looking forward to attending other events in the future.

“This is something that Kim would previously avoid, so it’s great to see that Kim feels supported to get more involved in the community,” Ben said.

We can’t wait to hear what Kim gets up to next!

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