Marjorie Tipping Scholarship

Marjorie Tipping Scholarship

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Marjorie Tipping Scholarship

At our recent Staff Excellence Awards we announced a new scholarship called the Marjorie Tipping Scholarship.

As patron and one of the founders of our organisation, Marjorie Tipping was both influential and instrumental in our organisation’s history and development. She was a life member who worked for many years to improve the situation of people with disabilities in Victoria, and raised a considerable amount of money to continue the good work of The Tipping Foundation. She was 90 years old when she opened a respite house in Bacchus Marsh.

About Marjorie Tipping

Marjorie TippingMarjorie Jean McCredie was born on March 26, 1917, in Melbourne. She was educated at the Presbyterian Ladies’ College and then at Melbourne University in the 1930s where she was involved in clubs and associations devoted to pacifism and the arts.

While still a student she worked as a part-time journalist for the Sun News-Pictorial, and in 1942 married the noted journalist E.W. (Bill) Tipping. During the war, she worked part-time as a journalist and then full-time with the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. She also worked in industrial welfare and human resources at Cyclone, a firm that made mosquito nets and stretchers for the war effort.

Majorie’s post World War II roles in the late 40’s through to the 60’s involved being at home and bringing up 3 children including Peter who was severely disabled as well as supporting Bill in his journalistic work. Throughout this period she managed to juggle those responsibilities with much historical research on some of the subjects of her later published works.

She was a scholar in the arts and history. In 1965 she convened the first conference of the Royal Historical Society of Victoria and in 1968 Marjorie became the society’s first woman fellow. In 1972 she became its first woman president. Marjorie flourished as an historian in the 1970s and 1980s when several of her books were published. She was on the committee of the Friends of the State Library, a member of the Victorian Arts Advisory Council and worked for many community organisations. She was honoured with an MBE in 1981 for her contribution to the arts.

In 1990, she was the first woman to be awarded a doctorate of letters (considered to be a higher degree than a PhD) by examination from the University of Melbourne and it was based on her extensive published scholarly works.

Whilst Majorie’s career did slow a bit in the 80’s and 90’s it did still continue into the 2000’s. Sadly Majorie passed away in 2009.

In honour of Marjorie’s leadership, commitment to her own education and development and deep involvement in the community we recently announced at our Staff Excellence Awards presentation that we will be launching The Marjorie Tipping Scholarship in 2018.

About the Scholarship

The scholarship, up to the value of $10,000 and will be awarded annually. Applications will be open to both clients and staff to apply. We will be seeking sponsorship for the scholarship.

The scholarship will be offered to enhance the professional development of applicants to assist them with:

  • Developing Leadership skills to support their active involvement in local communities by participating in a relevant Leadership program
  • Enhancing or creating their career and employment opportunities through the completion of a qualification or course

Further details regarding scholarship criteria and the application process will be developed in the coming months.

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