Milly's story

Milly's story

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Milly’s story

Milly faced separation from her loving familyMilly has just turned 19. Seeing no other alternative, her mother came close to relinquishing her, but the arrival of the NDIS and the opportunity of weekly respite at a Tipping house came just in time.

We visited Milly and her mum recently at their home, and as we walked around the house Milly closed every door we passed or went through. “One of her things at the moment” her Mum explained.

“We’ve had some horrific times. You see kids with autism on the television doing well, but autism is a wide spectrum, and Milly has the most severe autism. She can only say a few words. She gets so frustrated that she can’t communicate – she can’t express pain – and that causes her to be aggressive to me and to her carers.”

Please donate nowCan you help us to ensure that we have the right therapeutic equipment and household fittings to make respite possible for families when they are at their most vulnerable, no matter how severe their child’s autism may be.

Milly’s mum told us that she has improved “100%” in the months since she started coming to us each week.

“It’s hard to describe how anti-social Milly was; she didn’t like it around people at all. But now she goes to the supermarket every week, and to listen to music, which she loves, at a special gig they have at the local hotel on Mondays.”

“The wonderful staff here have carefully identified the things that cause Milly’s distress and trigger her bad times. They help Milly to see them early and to communicate them. They are slowly working with her so that can begin to look after herself in ways she simply couldn’t before”.

Milly faced separation from her loving familyMilly’s mum also told us that she had tried to get Milly into an adult day program but the centres she approached didn’t take her. The Tipping team at our specialist respite facility for children and young people have been able to meet this need by designing a day program for Milly when she is with them each week.

We know your heart will go out to these families. If you are able to donate this Christmas, we will use 100% of your donation to buy the specialised equipment young people like Justin and Milly need to grow in independence and happiness.

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*We sincerely thank Milly and her family for allowing us to tell their story.

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