How do I get funding?

How do I get funding?

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How do I get funding?

It starts with the basics of who is eligible.

Your eligibility for access to the NDIS will be assessed by the National Disability Insurance Agency. You may be eligible if:

  • You have a permanent disability or a disability that significantly affects your ability to be part of everyday activities
  • You are aged under 65
  • You are an Australian citizen

To do a quick check you can see if you are eligible using the NDIS Access Checklist

The NDIS is being rolled out in Victoria in stages, so access to the NDIS will also be based on where you live.

When is the NDIS coming to my area? (NDIS rollout dates throughout Victoria)

NDIS Planning Process – Five Key Steps

The Tipping Foundation has been a registered provider of the NDIS since day one and our NDIS experience in the Barwon trial site has been incredibly valuable for us, and for our clients.

If you are eligible, you will work through a planning process with the NDIS identifying your needs and goals, then create a plan with the disability related support you need. The Tipping Foundation can also help support you in putting your plan together with the NDIS – ask us!
There are five key steps in the NDIS planning process:

1. Think about your needs and goals
This is the most important step so setting the right goals is key. They don’t have to be grand things but meaningful to you. Think about what you want and need. Consider talking to an experienced Tipping person up front.

2. Meet with your NDIS personal planner
The consultation with your NDIS personal planner will help you define your goals. You should consider the supports you already have; if something is stopping you from achieving your goals; and what steps you need to take to get where you want to be. You and your planner will help you turn your goals and aspirations into a set of actions.

3. Develop your plan and manage your supports
As much as you are able, get prepared. If you don’t, you are less likely to get the most effective support. You are the client so you can change your thinking. Talk to those around you, engage your support people and those around you who care. Make sure you are given explanations if the answer is no.

4. Approve your plan
Your NDIS planner will send you a copy of your plan for approval. They will also talk to you about how confident you feel in managing your money and coordinating the supports in your personal plan. You can have as much or as little control managing your plan. With our experience in Barwon and the North East we are well placed to assist you. If you are happy with how the supports in the plan meet your needs, and how they will be managed, it is then up to you to approve your plan.

5. Review your plan
The most important step is setting the right goals for your individual needs. This is all about you. Therefore make sure you review your thinking and your plan. Consult with an advocate, a family member or a trusted worker. And make sure the plan is right for and only about you.

Click here to download the NDIS Planning Workbook

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