NDIS stories

NDIS stories

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NDIS stories

“I selected Tipping because they listen and we continually work together to meet my individual goals”.

Amanda lives in Geelong and was diagnosed with MS in 1993. She has always approached her diagnosis with a glass half full attitude. A couple of years ago though, she had a life changing fall. With somewhat perfect timing, she was due to leave hospital after a long stay recovering from her fall on the Thursday and the National Disability Insurance Scheme rolled out in her area on the Monday. If this hadn’t have been the case she was looking at having to move into a nursing home. Working together with Amanda and the NDIS has provided easier access to her home and allowed Amanda to continue living her life independently.

My story, my goals, my plan: Heather

Heather is the mother of two sons with disabilities. She says the National Disability Insurance Scheme is going to “level the playing field” for her boys.

My story, my goals: Kristy Trajcevski

Kristy has a Bachelor of Laws and thinks she could be the only person in Australia who wants to pay taxes! She talks about her goals and aspirations.

My story, my goals: Leigh Creighton

Leigh loves dancing, is a bit of a larrikin, and wants to get married and have kids. He talks about his goals and aspirations.

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