Acquired Brain Injury

Acquired Brain Injury

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Acquired Brain Injury

Support for acquired brain injury

Each person who has experienced an acquired brain injury (ABI) is different. The brain is important when it comes to who we are, what we feel and how we control our bodies, so there are a lot of things that can change when our brains are injured. If you have a brain injury, you may have trouble remembering things and concentrating on things, and it might be hard to talk to people or control your emotions.

A brain injury can also cause physical problems, like making it hard to control your movements, losing your balance, or not being as strong as you used to be.

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Working together.

Experiencing a brain injury can be a life-changing event, and there might be many challenges to overcome before you can achieve your goals. The Tipping Foundation has been working with people with disabilities and acquired brain injuries for over 40 years, so we understand the issues you might face. We work with many clients who have a brain injury to help them reach their goals, like getting a job, living independently or learning new skills.

If you’d like to have a chat about putting together a plan to reach your goals, please contact us.

Support for acquired brain injury.
The Tipping Foundation provides support for people with acquired brain injury. Whether you only want someone to help you for a few hours a week, or you need greater assistance, we offer flexible support, either in your home or in the community, which can be tailored to your situation. Our focus is always on providing individualised care and support.

Taking a break.
Respite is about sharing responsibility for caregiving and getting a break for yourself. We know that sometimes people with an acquired brain injury and their carers need a break, so we offer flexible respite options including respite in your home, group respite, or respite in a Tipping house.

Finding somewhere to live.
The Tipping Foundation runs close to 40 residential accommodation houses across Victoria. Some of these houses cater specifically for people with an acquired brain injury.

We offer a range of other services for people with acquired brain injury. Find out more.