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Our client Jack

If you have been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), we understand there are specific challenges you may face in your life. Commonly these might include having difficulty with social situations or making new friends, needing a routine, and sensory experiences, like touch, loud noises or bright lights.

Working together.
Although it might seem difficult to overcome some of the challenges in your life, we have worked with many clients with autism and helped them to reach their goals, such as getting a job, living independently or learning new skills.

We know that every single autistic person is very, very different, but with over 40 years experience in working together with people with autism, we have the tools to put together a plan for your unique situation. If you’d like to know more, you can contact us for an informal chat.

Support for autism.
We offer flexible support, in your home or in the community, that can be tailored to your situation and based on our thorough knowledge and experience of working with people with ASD. We also offer day services and life skills programs where you can learn new skills.

Respite: Taking a break.
Respite is about sharing responsibility for caregiving and getting a break for yourself. We know that sometimes people with autism and their carers need a break, so we offer flexible respite options including respite in your home, group respite, or respite in a Tipping Foundation house.

Finding somewhere to live.
The Tipping Foundation runs close to 40 residential accommodation houses across Victoria. These houses are set up like a share house, and some of them cater specifically for people with autism.

We offer a range of other services for people with autism. Find out more.