Intellectual disability

Intellectual disability

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Intellectual disability

There are many different types of intellectual disability, affecting people in different ways. You may have been born with a condition, or acquired it through an infection. Depending on your situation, you may have trouble remembering things, meeting new people, or learning new things.

Working together.
The Tipping Foundation has been working with people with intellectual disability for over 40 years to assist them in achieving their goals. This may be as simple as providing support with day to day tasks like cooking or managing your money, or helping you achieve bigger goals like getting a job or learning new skills.

Support for intellectual disability.
As a person with intellectual disability, you may require only a small amount of support for a few hours per week, or a high level support. Our services are flexible and can be arranged in your own home or in the community, based on your needs. We also offer life skills and day programs where you can learn new skills and meet new people.

Respite: Taking a break.
Respite is about sharing responsibility for caregiving and getting a break for yourself. We know that sometimes people with autism and their carers need a break, so we offer flexible respite options including respite in your home, group respite, or respite in a Tipping house.

Finding somewhere to live.
The Tipping Foundation runs close to 40 residential accommodation houses across Victoria. These houses are set up like a share house, and some of them cater specifically for people with intellectual disability.

We offer a range of other services for people with intellectual disability. Find out more.