Physical disability

Physical disability

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Physical disability

A physical disability limits your ability to move, or affects your body in some way, such as a spinal injury, arthritis or cerebral palsy. Some physical disabilities are genetic, while others might be caused by an injury or illness.

If you are affected by a physical disability, you may require a number of carers, specialists and health professionals in your daily routine. You may be highly independent already, or you may need assistance to establish the lifestyle you would like. Whatever your needs, The Tipping Foundation can provide flexible support that suits you.

The Tipping Foundation has over 40 years experience in working with people with physical disabilities, including strong relationships with other health professionals and providers you may need on your team. Our support begins by creating a detailed plan based on your goals and needs. To find out more, get in touch for an informal chat.

Some of our clients with a physical disability only require a few hours care a week, while others have a full support team working around the clock. Whatever your needs, our flexible disability support services enable you to live your life how you would like.

Respite: Taking a break.
Sometimes, people with physical disabilities can require complex care arrangements, making it difficult to take a break. We offer flexible respite options that can be tailored to your routine, including respite in your home, group respite, or respite in a facility.

Finding somewhere to live.
The Tipping Foundation runs close to 40 residential accommodation houses across Victoria. These houses are set up like a share house, and some of them cater specifically for people with physical disability.

We offer a range of other services for people with physical disability. Find out more.