What we offer

What we offer

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What we offer

We work together with people with disability
We work together so everyone has a fair go

We provide a range of everyday and specialist disability services and supports – in our accommodation, in your home and in the community. We are always open to discussing new and innovative service delivery to meet your individual needs.

We provide tailored support to people with a range of intellectual, physical and neurological disabilities, and associated conditions. We have acknowledged expertise with acquired brain-injury, autism and high complex needs.

In addition to disability services The Tipping Foundation also provides child, youth and family (residential) services to children who are vulnerable, who have experienced some sort of family breakdown.

Underpinning the way we work is The Tipping Way Service Model. This model describes how we work together with our clients and their families to deliver services and support. The Tipping Way provides a clear set of principles to build strong, healthy relationships that are meaningful and appropriately tailored to each client.

Working together the Tipping way

The Tipping way is simply the way work together to provide you with exceptional experiences.

We collaborate with you to create a support plan that’s as individual as you are. This plan will provide the day-to-day support you need to make your current life better and a roadmap to meet your longer-term goals, with regular assessments and updates.

We will listen to you, give you good information and connect you with services and the right people for you. This means you can live life the way you want to and achieve your goals.

Ortenzia who is a client of The Tipping Foundation

Assistance with coordinating your services and supports

Knowing what services you want and need is a great start but it can be a little overwhelming on how to coordinate or find all of the relevant services. We can help you with this and coordinate your services for you.

Making sure that your supports are organised is important so that you always get the help you need. We can provide short and long-term coordination of your supports. This can include connecting you with the right services, specialists and community groups to meet your needs. We can also coordinate the supports you already receive, work together with other service providers and assist you to develop the NDIS plan that works for you.

Explore what we offer online a little more, or simply get in touch now to discuss how we might be able to work together.