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Gippsland Day Services

Morwell day program

If you are an adult with an intellectual disability in Gippsland, you can develop new skills with our local program of diverse, exciting and instructive daytime courses. Here, you can develop positive friendships, engage in a range of functional activities, be active within your community, gain greater independence and learn something really useful.

Gippsland day service program

Who can use these services?
Any adult over 18, if you are eligible under the Disability Services Act 2006.

Where are the courses held?
Our day program is located at 58 – 60 Commercial Road, Morwell.

When do we operate?
Our classes run from Monday to Friday, 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. over 46 weeks of the year. We have one week off at each standard school-term break plus three weeks over the Christmas period.

The program.
The program includes courses in arts and crafts, music, mosaics, starting your own business, computers and more.

The first thing you need to do.
Finding the right day service means finding a program that matches your skills and abilities. So, the first thing you’ll need to do is see a local planner from Latrobe City Council, Latrobe Community Health or the Department of Human Services. Just choose whichever organisation is convenient and ask for one of their planners to assess your suitability for a day service. They will then work closely with you and your family to select the one that best satisfies your capacity, needs and interests.

Have you just completed special school?
If so, we can plan your graduation to our day service. The first step may be to come over and check us out. There’s no need to rush this. Then, initially, you can work your way up to a full week of programs before deciding if we’re absolutely right fit for you.

Funding, fees and financial stuff
Your individual support plan will cover the cost of our services, except for an activity fee of $9 a day for materials and transport provided as part of your course. To get you to and from the service, three buses operate every day, taking in Moe, Traralgon and Morwell. These cost $4 one-way or $8 return.

Our people
Each staff member brings a unique set of skills, talents and abilities, as well as a genuine enthusiasm for helping you develop new skills and confidence. Generally, we try to maintain a 1:5 ratio of staff to clients, but that depends on the needs of each program and the clients involved.

Day Services Program Guide
Here’s a list of all of our current Gippsland Day Services programs.

For more information and the timetable please contact our Morwell office.

Art and Craft
You will be encouraged to express your creativity within a range of art and craft mediums. There will be an opportunity to create both individual and group works.

Literacy and Numeracy
You will gain confidence in working with numbers, words and money. You will also engage in activities to improve your fine-motor skills.

You will learn how to maintain gardens, lawn and veggie patch. This will involve the use of hand tools, along with their cleaning and maintenance.

Introduction to Computers
This is a basic introduction to computers for those who would love to learn but have no experience. Develop your mouse skills. Learn how to access the internet. Improve your numeracy& literacy skills by playing specially designed computer games.

For those who already enjoy using a computer and would like to explore new things. Set up a Skype account. Create the “Vista Voice” newsletter. Use Ms Publisher to create personalised cards and other publications and much more.

You will learn how to prepare your own lunch from a range of low-cost, healthy menus.

Exploring Gippsland
You will visit some of Gippsland’s smaller townships and talk to the “locals” about their town. A chance to take photos and enjoy lunch in the park with your friends.

Would you like to help others in the local community, meet new people and learn new skills? Come and have a go.

You can learn the art of creating a mosaic masterpiece. Develop your freedom of expression in this activity. Take home gifts for your family and friends.

Business Enterprises
Would you like to learn what it is like to work in a cafe or coffee shop? In this program you will take lunch orders from customers, go shopping for the ingredients, then prepare the orders in our kitchen and present your work to the customers.

Enjoy making music in the tranquil atmosphere of our rural campus. This program will concentrate on African drumming techniques, but above all, on having fun.

It’s All About the Girls
This program is for young women who want to share ideas and activities that help to promote a positive lifestyle. This will include gentle exercise, relaxation techniques, strategies for forming positive relationships, discussions around diet and ways to improve overall health.

You will be encouraged to use your imagination through role-play and script reading, and will gain the confidence to speak and to express your feelings in a group setting. You’ll have great fun.

Meals on Wheels
You will have an opportunity to support the elderly within our local community by helping to deliver lunchtime meals.

Transition Education
You can enrol in this accredited course, which is designed for those who have basic reading, writing and math’s skills and want to further their education in a formal class setting.

You will visit a variety of local waterways where you will relax with friends while waiting to catch that ‘Big One’.

Music at the Farm
Enjoy making music in the tranquil atmosphere of our rural campus. This program will concentrate on African drumming techniques, but above all, on having fun.

Car Works
You will have fun and learn new skills while dismantling and reassembling an old car engine. You will be supervised and instructed by an experienced car restorer.

Budgeting and Shopping
Learn how to manage your money, how to use an ATM, or put on a Lay-By, and then go out and do it.

Bushwalking (For the young and active)
For the keen walker who would like to maintain their fitness level while enjoying the great outdoors.

Fun & Games
For the keen walker who would like to maintain their fitness level while enjoying the great outdoors.

Know your Towns
You will visit local communities and use your map reading and directory skills to find out where essential Services and businesses are located.

We will be partnering with GEST Training to introduce clients to the joys and rewards of producing home-grown vegetables. Clients will learn values and skills which could improve their future employment prospects.

This group is for the older person who wishes to combine interesting activities with relaxation. On Wednesday this program will be based in the Community.

If you are interested in attending any of these courses or finding out more about them, please contact our Morwell office by email at or by calling (03) 5135 4355.

Have a look at one of our mosaic workshops.