Respite services

Respite services

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Respite services

Tailored, flexible respite options for individuals and families

Who can use The Tipping Foundation’s respite services?

We provide specialist respite options for adults, young people and children with disability throughout Victoria.

Respite services

Respite care can take many forms, but essentially it is time-out: a short interval for those who need care and those who give it, so each can have a break from the other, their routine and their surroundings. Our respite options also provide opportunities for new and different experiences.

Some benefits are:

  • meeting new people and making new friends
  • trying new activities
  • trying new ways of doing things
  • branching out a little and achieving some independence

A break for caregivers.

While being a caregiver can be incredibly rewarding, in many ways it can also be very stressful. Caregiving can have physical and psychological health effects. Taking a break is an important and essential part of caregiving, which is why we feel so strongly about making respite a totally positive experience. We provide someone who is fully qualified and experienced in your caregiver’s or family member’s absence.

A break for those who need on-going support.

Respite isn’t just a good idea for those who give care, though. It’s actually also a worthwhile and beneficial experience for those who require on-going support as well. It can give you the chance to meet new people, make new friends, as well as try new activities and different ways of doing things. It can even give you a little taste of branching out and learning new skills. Respite can even be fun, and make sure you’ll enjoy your break.

One-on-one respite.

One-on-one respite care is where you are paired up with a support worker for an agreed period of time that suits your particular needs and circumstances. This can be spent in your home or out in the community, participating in some local activities.

Group respite.

Group respite works by matching your needs with other clients who may have similar needs and interests to share the enjoyment of group activities.

Your options for respite.

Respite is an individual thing: what works for one family may not work for another. That’s why at The Tipping Foundation, our respite care is very flexible. But it all starts by forming a partnership between you and your service coordinator. This is the person who will take the time to understand your needs and circumstances, and then explore all the respite options available to you, some of which are briefly listed below.

Respite accommodation: Tipping respite facilities

Sometimes called facility based respite, here we match your needs and interests with those of other clients in one of our shared respite houses.

The Tipping Foundation manages several respite care facilities spread across Victoria for your convenience.


Our home in Warragul provides a variety of support requirements including respite care for those with high physical dependence aged between 18-60 years.
Call our Gippsland office on 03 5135 4300 or email us at


Our home in Pakenham provides overnight, weekend and long-term respite care for up to five adults (18-60), including on public holidays and in emergency situations. We can support a variety of requirements including those with high physical dependence.
Call our Gippsland office on 03 5135 4300 or email us at


We have a smaller facility in Wonthaggi for adolescents and adults (12-60 years of age) who are independent or need minimal assistance.
Call our Gippsland office on 03 5135 4300 or email us at

Our client Jack

Melbourne (Epping)

Our home in Epping provides respite care for young people aged 12 to 24 from Melbourne’s inner-west who have autism spectrum disorder and/or are displaying complex behaviours of concern. We currently have five beds here, plus an extra bed for emergencies, along with provision for physical, multiple and complex disabilities. Epping has an activities and visitor room, a covered outdoor area, barbecue and a vegetable patch.
To make an inquiry please call Susan Harris on 0419 712 020 or email

Using respite facilities is often considered a more traditional approach to respite, however there could be a waiting list, in which case, flexible respite (such as one-on-one respite or group respite) may provide you with an alternative in the meantime.

In-home respite – Respite in your own home

The Tipping Foundation can provide a welcome break, both for those who give care and those who receive it, by visiting you at home. Many people choose to have a regular respite arrangement, for example once a week, although our services are flexible and designed to suit you.

Respite is an individual thing. What works for one family may not work for another so our focus always comes back to individualised support. Our in-home respite service provides whoever needs it with a break or some time-out, and it is just one of the ways we can provide support in your own home.

We work together with you, your carer and/or your family by being flexible and being able to provide specialist care, minimising disruptions to you and your family.

Recreational respite – Enabling exceptional life experiences

Tipping also provides welcome breaks through our flexible recreational respite services designed to suit you and your particular interests.

We provide flexible, person centred recreation support encompassing a broad range of recreational, leisure, social and cultural opportunities for people with a disability.
Recreational respite activities have the dual benefit of helping you to pursue recreational community based activities while also providing a break for carers. It can provide opportunities for you to expand your social networks and participate in the same activities as your peers.
Tipping’s respite care is flexible and we are happy to take the time to understand your needs and work together with you to explore all of the respite options available to you.

We provide respite services across Victoria and also have a Day Service program for adults with a disability in Morwell, Gippsland.

Funding, fees and other financial stuff.

For most of our clients, our respite care services are funded through a government package. You can also purchase these services privately. For peace of mind, your service coordinator will discuss any fees with you up front before we start.

For more information about our respite accommodation and respite care in your own home, contact our head office or your local office.