Specialist supports

Specialist supports

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Specialist supports

Access to specialist support

The Tipping Foundation offers a range of specialist disability support, respite and accommodation services. However, some people have complex situations, and may require more individualised support. In these cases we can also offer specialist services such as positive behaviour support, dual diagnosis, or can coordinate a combination of support, therapeutic and clinical services for people with a disability, children, youth and families where needed.

Specialised assessment of your needs

If you need specialist support or are looking for help in assessing the right services to meet your needs, our team are experts in their field and happy to help.

Therapy support

We can provide therapy support in areas such as communication, personal care, mobility and movement to assist you in maintaining your independence.

Assistive technology and mobility aids

Our specialists can assess the aids and medical equipment you need to meet your goals, and we can also help you source the appropriate products for you. We can also set up and provide training on how to use the equipment.

Specialist behavioural supports

Behaviour support

We have a dedicated Positive Behaviour Support Service run by leading psychologists and behaviour support practitioners.

The Tipping Foundation’s Positive Behaviour Support Service is a dedicated support service for individuals who have a disability to help them and their significant others develop and implement positive behaviour support strategies with the goal of reducing behaviours of concern.

This service includes the development of plans, strategies and mentoring to reduce challenging behaviours.

The development of a detailed behaviour support plan

This plan will be developed in conjunction with (and for) the person who is displaying the behaviour, as well as for their care support team. These plans can be straight-forward if the behaviour is well understood but requires a consistent approach and strategies, or the behaviours may be more complex and require a more comprehensive planning approach. Using a Functional Behaviour Assessment that consists of direct observation, periodic data collection, file reviews, and consultation with others in the person’s life (family, carers, allied health professionals, etc.), helps to formulate a hypothesis on the reasons for why a person displays and engages in the behaviours of concern.

Support to implement the behaviour support plan.

We don’t just stop at planning. We provide a service that works alongside family, carers, and support staff to mentor and monitor the implementation of recommended positive behaviour support strategies. The hardest part of any behaviour support plan is in its implementation and consistency of approach. Providing regular (but time limited) mentoring and monitoring opportunities provides for better positive outcomes for the individual and their support network. Reflective practice sessions and debriefing on progress is vital for the overall success of the plan and ultimately a better quality of life for the plan recipient.

The goal is to transfer the implementation responsibilities back to the individual and their care support team/families once all parties have the confidence to continue to implement the planned recommendations.

Get in touch.

If you need specialist disability support, or are looking for assistance in accurately assessing the appropriate services you require to meet your goals, our Practice Leaders can help you.

Our Practice Leaders work across Victoria and closely with our Area and Service Managers. For more information on the specialist services we provide, contact your Client Engagement Coordinator or local office.