Supported accommodation

Supported accommodation

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Supported accommodation

Accessing disability accommodation support

Back in the 1960s, our founder’s son needed to live in an institution to get the support and round-the-clock care he needed for his disabilities. While it provided what was necessary, it would never feel like home. That’s one reason why Bill Tipping vowed back then to raise the money to make life better for people with disabilities.

One of the results of his legacy is close to 40 residential accommodation houses providing safe, supported, home-like accommodation right across Victoria.

Make yourself at home.

Tipping homes are comfortable residences in the suburbs set up as share houses for up to six residents. While everybody shares the kitchen, common rooms and gardens, you’ll get your own bedroom, the right to privacy and that incomparable feeling of independence. So, make yourself at home, because it can be for as long as you like.

Share the home. Share the care.

Where needed, we help with the day-to-day running of the household. Our support staff work with you to make sure your individual needs are being attended to. We also encourage regular meetings so you’ll have a say in decisions about your home.

A home that accommodates your disability.

A lot of thought goes into our homes before any resident does. Each incorporates clever features to make your life easier: some offer easy access for those with mobility issues, whilst others cater more for people with autism or an intellectual disability. What they all offer is the freedom to be yourself, develop new skills and work towards your goals.

A plan that accommodates your goals.

Before you move into a Tipping home, we sit down together and listen to your needs and preferences. Nothing is prescribed: we work with you to create an individualized plan to achieve your goals, provide the day-to-day support that assists you to live as independently as possible and a roadmap to meet your longer-term goals, with regular assessments and updates.

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Once you’re settled…

Tipping’s residential accommodation homes are designed to help you achieve the independent lifestyle you choose. We totally support whatever you are comfortable with, and get you involved and connected in the local community. For many people this is enough. But others seek a different kind of independence and would prefer to live on their own. If you are capable and driven to live alone, we can provide a realistic assessment of your potential and work with you to achieve it.

Staying connected.

Whilst we offer wide-ranging and flexible services to cover the majority of your requirements, when necessary, we can also draw on the expertise of community organisations to ensure you get everything you need.

Accessing disability accommodation support

For advice and information on eligibility for supported accommodation, contact the Department of Health and Human Services.

We know demand for accommodation can be high and that there is usually a waiting period before being offered a place in residential accommodation. In the meantime, you can also register your interest with us (click here) and we can assist with some home or community based support options. Please contact our main office or your local office to discuss your situation.