Privacy FAQ

Privacy FAQ

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Privacy FAQ

Why do we collect your personal information?

The information we collect about you helps us to support you the best way possible.

Your information also helps us to plan with you on what you need.

What information do we collect about you?

We collect personal information like your name and address, the name of other people important to you, your support plans.

Sometimes we may need to collect information about your health, education, or any information about how to keep you and others safe.

Who else sees your information?

Your information will only be seen by other professionals involved in your care employed by us.

If we need to share your information with others outside of The Tipping Foundation we will talk to you first and ask for your consent.

Sometimes we may need to share information without your consent if it’s an emergency or the law tells us to.

When we share your information we only do so to make sure you and others stay healthy and safe.

What say do you have in the information about you?

You have a say in what happens to your information. We rely on the information you give us to help provide the right support for you.

You do have the right to tell us what information we can share with others. If you decide not to share some information we will respect this but it may affect our ability to provide the best support for you.

Let us know if you wish to change or cancel your consent.

How do we protect your information?

The privacy of your information is protected by the law.

We treat and store your information to make sure it is safe and confidential.

Can You Access your Information?

You have the right to look at the information we hold about you, unless the law states that we can’t share this information with you.

If you think the information we have about you is wrong please let us know so we can discuss this with you and change it.

Can we provide you with Information?

We sometime produce information that may be of interest to you like a client newsletter, or information on what’s happening in the industry. We will only send you information if you want us to.

At any time you would like to stop receiving this information just let us know.

Questions or complaints?

If you have any questions or a complaint about how we handle your information please talk to a support worker or team leader or our Privacy Officer on 9564 1000 or via email at

We will work with you to make sure your concerns are dealt with as quickly as possible.