Support to work brings...

Support to work brings...

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Support to work brings confidence and better health

This is a story about support staff working together with a client to achieve his goal of earning some extra money independently while getting out and about. And along the way, finding some added health benefits!

Stephen on his delivery roundsStephen, who’s from the East Gippsland region, is an avid collector of matchbox cars. He was also saving up to go on a holiday so he needed a job to earn to earn some extra money. Not opposed to hard work, he’d previously worked for the local supermarket and a fast food restaurant, but had found this work quite difficult. At the same time, Stephen’s doctor had told him he needed more activity and exercise for his health.

With the help of Tipping support staff and a local printing business, Stephen found a job that was able to kill two birds with one stone. He started delivering pamphlets to letterboxes and households for local businesses in the community near his home.

He began his pamphlet delivery job in the Summer, which involved collecting pamphlets from a pick-up point, sorting them and delivering them to a map, one block at a time. Staff supported Stephen on his rounds initially including helping him to understand and avoid ‘No junk mail’ and dog signs, but eventually once he got the hang of this he was able to complete his rounds independently.

Often delivery runs would take 3-4 days to complete, and Stephen became well known in his neighbourhood, getting to know a few locals on his route. Some people would wait for him if they could see him coming, stopping for a chat and even sharing home-made snacks!

Stephen loved the social interaction from the job. And just as importantly his health improved. He is now fitter, has lost weight and has a lot more energy. His diabetes improved and his sugar levels went right down. His family and GP were very pleased. The motivation he gained from this job has seen Stephen want to do more exercise – he’s since started going to the gym, loving the pushbike and spa to keep up his level of activity.

Stephen achieved his goal, he thrived and grew in confidence which enabled him to participate and feel valued in his own community.

Nice work, Stephen!

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