Understanding your NDIS plan

Understanding your NDIS plan

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Understanding your NDIS plan

You’ve had your planning meeting and your NDIS plan has been approved. Now you’ve received a copy of your NDIS plan, but what does all of the jargon in it actually mean?

We’ve created this simple guide to help you get the most out of your NDIS plan.

You will receive a letter from the NDIA letting you know that your NDIS plan has been approved. Attached to the letter will be a copy of your NDIS plan.

Your NDIS plan

The first page of your plan includes your:

  • Name
  • NDIS number
  • Contact details for the NDIS
  • NDIS plan start date AND
  • NDIS plan review date

Part 1: About me

This section includes a summary about you, your daily life and the people who support you.

Part 2: My goals

This part of your plan lists the goals that you want to work towards during your NDIS plan.

Part 3: My supports

This section lists the supports that will help you work towards your goals, including supports you will receive through the NDIS. It can sometimes be confusing to understand the NDIS jargon in this section, so we’ve tried to make it simple.

The informal supports you receive, such as support from your family and friends, are listed first followed by support from services and community groups. These supports might include things like health services, schools, sporting clubs or government services.

The funding you will receive through the NDIS for your supports are listed under ‘NDIS reasonable and necessary supports budgets.’

Each support will have it’s own table like the one below.

Support Area:The type of support you will receive funding for through the NDIS will be listed here.
Budget:The budget for this support will be listed here. Sometimes the budget will not be listed correctly if you need to provide quotes to the NDIS. This might be the case for large expenses such as electric wheelchairs.
Details:This section provides more detail about the support area and what the funding can be used for.
How will the supports be paid:How the NDIS will pay for the support is listed here.

Here are two examples of what NDIS supports can look like.

Example 1

Support Area:Assistive technology
Details:Support for repairs and maintenance of my electric wheelchair and equipment as required.
How will the supports be paid:NDIS will pay my support provider directly for these supports.

Example 2 

Support Area:Core supports
Details:Funding for low risk equipment of up to $1000. Assistance with personal domestic activities, one hour weekly.
How will the supports be paid:NDIS will pay me and my support provider directly for these supports.

Hopefully you now understand your NDIS plan more and feel ready to put it into action, but if you’ve still got questions about your plan you can contact us. We are an NDIS registered service provider and work throughout Victoria.

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(Click on below words to view their meaning)

Planning meeting

At your planning meeting you will discuss your life, the supports you need and your goals for the future. Your planner will use this information to develop your NDIS plan.


National Disability Insurance Scheme is a new way of providing support to Australians with disability.

NDIS plan

A document that details your goals and needs, and the supports you will receive will through the NDIS.


The National Disability Insurance Agency is the government agency that manages the NDIS.

Plan review

Your NDIS plan is reviewed each year as your needs and goals change. You can request a plan review any time if you are unhappy with your plan or your life changes and you need different supports.


Your NDIS plan is based on goals so during your NDIS planning meeting you will be asked about the goals you want to achieve.

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