Warunda house

Warunda house

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Warunda house

Clients from Warunda house browsing in the libraryOur teams focus on providing their residents with the minimal support they need to succeed in individual tasks, according to their personal abilities and preferences.

Person Centred Active Support emphasises people being engaged in all areas of their lives – choosing new activities, being involved in group tasks, feeling the value and inclusion of contributing to a communal cause. As well as the obvious benefits of physical activity, there is compelling evidence that giving people with disability greater choice and control over how they spend their days can also lead to significant reductions in challenging behaviours.

Activities are delivered little and often, so residents are not overwhelmed and can take breaks and come back to an activity.

Active support is based on the mantra that ‘every moment has potential’ – not only for a person to be engaged, but to feel that sense of achievement we all get from acquiring a new skill or completing a challenge.

At Tipping’s Warunda House in Warracknabeal, the active support begins the moment the six residents get up in the morning and begin choosing their clothes and what they want for breakfast.

Warunda house videoThe women take turns preparing the day’s meals, picking veggies from the garden and collecting eggs from the resident chooks.

In each activity, staff provide just the right amount of support to help them push their own boundaries – in the words of coordinator Gail Boyd, “to be the best they can be”.

All the residents at Warunda take part in the weekly shopping, and there are regular excursions to the local library to borrow books. Opportunities for getting out in the community are maximised: Donna is a valuable member of her local bowls team; and Natasha helps out at a nearby craft shop.

“These ladies deserve the same rights we all have,” says Gail. “We just love to see them achieve their goals – especially when they experience something new they really wanted to have a go at.”


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